Beyond consulting, VERYSHERI is available to provide the following fee-based services. 

Public Speaking

Workshop Facilitation

Professional Training


Current topics of interest include the following:


Personal Branding

How do you show up in the world? Are you conscious of the choices you make and the messages those choices may be sending to your colleagues and clients? I will share personal stories and provide examples so that you can see how to leverage your best assets. It's about showing up as your most authentic self and being consistent in how you demonstrate your values. This will help you get recognition and build better awareness of your unique strengths.


Sales & Networking Mentorship

If you are responsible for making it rain at your organization, then you already know a bunch of stuff about the art of selling, and yet, I continue to meet individuals who are surprised by what I consider to be standard operating procedures for developing new professional relationships. I have spent my entire career leveraging the power of relationship building to positively impact the bottom line of every company I've been a part of. Past employers have hired me back as a consultant to train and guide their new salesforce. I've been called a master networker and I'd love to share my insights with you.


Community Building

It is possible to intentionally develop more meaningful connections with like-minded individuals in your community, but it takes courage to first show up as your most authentic self. It is through these actions that you will attract and draw people to you that will enrich your personal and professional life. I have stories that date back to being three years old, introducing myself to new neighbors while my parents unpacked the moving truck and later as 1999 was becoming 2000 I wrote a manifesto about my desire to have deeper connections with the women in my life, and with specific intention, I developed the scenario to make that happen. The results for each of us has been profoundly rewarding.

Sheri Hauser has 20+ years experience in the graphic design, advertising, communications, branding and marketing industry, working as a team leader, account director, producer, sales professional and entrepreneur. 

To learn more about Sheri's history, visit the ABOUT page. Career highlights can be found on LinkedIn