As if in a dream...

I saw the visual of for-profit companies standing in alignment with non-profit organizations. More concerned about growing their double-bottom line, community allies and generating goodwill then pocketing each earned dollar.

My vision had a soundtrack with childlike laughter that reminded me of the games we played growing up. I could see the united line we created as a winning team. "Red Rover, Red Rover, calling YOU over". Joined by our hands, forming a strong bond, we gained new members by not allowing our connection to be broken. This is the key to widening our professional circles of influence.

United, each organization stands to win, the more like-minded partners we have. The Red Rover Project is a community initiative to connect the have's with the need more's. I'd like YOUR help to design and launch marketing campaigns that promote these partnerships to everyone's benefit. New customers are introduced to corporation X's philanthropic interests, elevating their reputation and stewardship of a cause, while non-profit Y receives additional publicity, raising awareness which supports fundraising efforts. 

Can you dig it?