the unraveling

It probably shouldn’t surprise me that the journey to produce this series and publish even the first episode, is its own story of facing fear and overcoming obstacles. If it’s possible for me to believe in the power of transforming a negative situation into a positive one, it’s possible for you. The unraveling is about hope. It’s about tools for growth. It’s about a willingness to be vulnerable, and stand in both humility (I am open to learn what I don’t yet know) and dignity (I am capable with worthy stuff to share). I dedicate this series to the individuals who showed up with wisdom to guide me through the uncomfortable years of my life, where I sat in the unknowing and leaned into the fear.

To all those who were a part of my undoing and my re-assembly, I am deeply grateful.

With love & admiration ~ Sheri Hauser

unraveling podcast_01 w.Heather Fantin.jpg

episode 01 - Soul on Fire Retreat with Heather Fantin

I’m sitting in a roomful of strangers in the woods a week after separating from my husband of 15 years. I had only recently met the facilitator, Heather Fantin, she was inviting me to join her for a weekend of healing with a dozen other women I had never met. This episode exposes the emotional wounds of failed partnership and reveals what holds us back from change, even when we so desperately need it. After you listen, go deeper with Heather here.

unraveling podcast_02 w.Sarah Schneider.jpg

episode 02 - Owning Your Badassery with Sarah Schneider

While living in my friend’s basement suite blocks from Green Lake, I developed a new walking ritual. Sarah became a favorite companion, filling my head with questions, and perspective shifts that enabled me to have more clarity about what I really wanted. She shares her no bullshit guide to peeling back the layers so you can get real with yourself and become more of who you already are. Her professional street cred can be found on her website.

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episode 03 - Getting Lost to Get Found with Lucy & Gretchen

What’s it like to get a message so clear that resisting feels more impossible than surrendering? This episode is about the lessons that come from venturing into the unknown and daring to discover the version of yourself you might meet there. To get prepared, I talked with two travel savvy friends. One who flies the skies as an airline attendant and another who drops in to remote places across the globe working together with the WHO and US CDC as an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington They both provide some very compelling insights on the impact of travel.