Want to energize your business?

I can help!

I am an action oriented strategist who thrives on moving your project forward.

Are you a business owner who is ready to uncover missed opportunities to grow your enterprise and attract new customers? 

VERYSHERI can help you by:

  1. Marketing Strategy: Digging into your business WHY will shed more light on your company's benefit to those you serve. From that foundation, we can better assess which strategies will empower you and your team to authentically reach new aligned customers.

  2. Business Development: Increasing your bottom line can be a single action step (pay for advertising, or hire a sales person) but it can also be a mind-set around growing the scale of business you already have. Together, we can create a plan to nurture relationships with existing clients that expand your business and build loyalty.

  3. Community Building: Developing a wider circle of influence is best accomplished through the building of partnerships with like-minded professionals. We will explore industry associations, individuals in complimentary verticals and other mavens who can help be advocates to evangelize your business message using the TEAM approach (Together Each Achieves More)

...and sometimes, growing your business can simply mean having a more relatable pricing policy, or writing more effective proposals, asking better questions to a prospect and landing a higher percentage of quoted work.

VERYSHERI is your business cheerleader! 

"Sheri is a dynamic, enthusiastic and intelligent person who has the ability to hear and respond to not only what you ask for, but also to what you need."