LOVE CHURCH #notachurch

Hello, I’m Sheri Hauser, my friends call me verysheri. Last fall, I had an epiphany in the dark, while floating in a salt water tank. I know that may sound odd, but it’s true. My heart felt heavy with sadness for how many humans I encountered and read about on social media who suffered acts of hate, who lacked connection, belonging, or a greater sense of self-worth. I have been on a two year journey of re-discovering who I am, asking questions about my higher purpose, and being curious about how I can best contribute to the greater good. Enter Love Church.


It’s a live event, open to the public, people of all ages, to gather in community twice a month for inspiration, celebration and truth telling. There’s a witty MC, the reverend* verysheri, a guest speaker, and YOU.

Here’s a list of things that we do at Love Church:

  • We listen to profound stories by guest speakers who have wisdom to share in a segment called REAL TALK.

  • Attendees are invited to take the stage and give a reading from something they found in the media that provoked their imagination, expanded their heart, or challenged their mind. (THIS COULD BE YOU)

  • We participate in activities borrowed from the teachings of Authentic Relating that I’ve been practicing since January 2018 to reveal the benefits of setting down the mask of who we think we are supposed to be and sit in the more vulnerable place of being seen for who we already are.

  • There’s a bonding exercise to elevate our serotonin and oxytocin levels (psst, it’s called hugging - but wait, there’s more!)

  • We dance it out after 90 minutes to a vibrant song.

  • We can drink mimosa’s or other refreshing beverages from the bar, and everyone is invited to linger and join in a group dinner at 5pm upstairs in the OBAMA room (Original Bad Art Museum of Art - curated by Marlow Harris & Jo David) at Cafe Racer.

*Yes, rather ironically, I am an actual reverend, ordained in 2004 from the Universal Life Church and have to date, married 8 couples, with a 9th wedding booked in September of 2019.

Each LOVE CHURCH features a different REAL TALK guest speaker. Here’s the lineup for Q1.


Heather Fantin: January 6

Heather brought to the stage, her INVITATION TO RISE, and inspired all of us to look past our fear and embrace the thoughts and beliefs that best serve us. She reminded us: Whatever you’re not changing, you are choosing!

Learn more about Heather’s work here. WATCH her REAL TALK video now on YouTube!

Eben Greene - January 20 Love Church.jpg

Eben Greene: January 20

Eben asked if our beliefs were asleep and opened our eyes to see that our values (what we choose to believe in) guide our decisions and actions on a daily basis. His goal is to support your inner light to shine bright.

He spends his work week running a creative cooperative in Fremont. Visit ShiftUp!

Rebecca Everly - February 3.jpg

Rebecca Everly: February 3

Rebecca (aka Cherry Divine) has a profound story to share about identity, secrets, truth and healing… one that ends happily, with a larger family than she ever dreamed possible.


Jeff Leisawitz: February 17

Jeff coaches powerful creatives to step into their hearts, dismantle their fears, declare their dreams and stop F*ing Around. He plans to bring some serious game to the stage this month at Love Church. F Yeah!

Learn more about this superstar on his website.

Noe Khalfa - February 17.jpg

Noé Khalfa: March 3

Noé is passionate about shifting the status quo so that anyone can make a living doing what they love and he plans to share his personal journey to discovering the difference between liking ourselves and truly loving ourselves.

He’s the co-founder of Worth The Journey.


Katie Duke: March 17

Katie knows how to free up energy by letting go of old emotional baggage using a powerful tool called Completion to get present and lighten up. She promises to guide us to get clear, remove barriers to love, and feel more empowered to move forward into a richer life.


Too many people are waiting for permission to show up. Maybe if there were more examples of individuals taking risks, being brave despite the fear, then we can harness that energy and raise the vibration of self-acceptance and empowerment, leading to more purposeful awareness and true change in the world. This is a gathering about belonging, creating a space where people feel more connected, to themselves, and others.

To unite individuals.

To build community.

To nurture positive self-affirmation.

To celebrate your inner weirdo.

To raise the vibration of joy and connection in your life.

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What will your reason be?