LOVE CHURCH #notachurch

Hello, I’m Sheri Hauser, my friends call me verysheri. Last fall, I had an epiphany in the dark, while floating in a salt water tank. I know that may sound odd, but it’s true. My heart was heavy with grief for how many humans I encountered and read about on social media who suffered from a lack of connection, belonging, or a greater sense of self-worth. A couple years ago, I was given an opportunity to reimagine my life after a twenty year relationship ended. I quit the day job and took a solo trip to SE Asia. Returning home, I started to explore the possibilities beyond what I had done before. I was eager to be part of the solution, but I didn’t yet know how to contribute to the greater good. As an outgoing extrovert, one of my favorite things to do is bring people together, to create memorable experiences, and engage on a more meaningful level. The big idea? Enter Love Church.

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It’s a live event, open to the public, people of all ages, to gather in community twice a month for inspiration, celebration and truth telling. There’s a witty MC, the reverend verysheri, a guest speaker, and YOU.

Here’s a list of things that we do at Love Church:

  • We listen to profound stories by guest speakers who have wisdom to share in a segment called REAL TALK.

  • Attendees are invited to take the stage and give a reading from something they found in the media that provoked their imagination, expanded their heart, or challenged their mind. (THIS COULD BE YOU)

  • We participate in activities borrowed from the teachings of Authentic Relating that I’ve been practicing since January 2018 to reveal the benefits of setting down the mask of who we think we are supposed to be and sit in the more vulnerable place of being seen for who we already are.

  • There’s a bonding exercise to elevate our serotonin and oxytocin levels (psst, it’s called hugging - but wait, there’s more!)

  • We dance it out after 90 minutes to a vibrant song.

  • We can drink mimosa’s or other refreshing beverages from the bar, and everyone is invited to linger and join in a group dinner at 5pm upstairs in the OBAMA room (Original Bad Art Museum of Art - curated by Marlow Harris & Jo David) at Cafe Racer.

Each LOVE CHURCH features a different REAL TALK guest speaker. Here’s our Fall 2019 lineup:


September 15: Sheri Hauser

Ever wonder what would happen if you knew the core ingredients of your inner compass? In her debut Real Talk, Sheri will reveal the origin story of identifying her life values, why that matters and how it guides her life choices.


October 6:

Laurel Waters

Using real life tools, Laurel will illuminate how to move through numbness as a way of coping and come out the other side brighter and more alive. She’s spent 14 years as a professional coach and strives daily to be an example to her young children by living her best life.

3.Max Riggs_Love Church October 20_2019.jpg

October 20:

Max Riggs

Want to know the two missing keys to rapid self-growth? As a Dynamic Change Coach, Max helps others to see their strengths and step more fully into their power. In this talk, he’s going to share how self-critical thoughts and the movie JAWS held the answer.

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November 3:

Miik Wells

Miik ("mike") invites us on an INNER EQUITY journey -- an interactive exploration of our relationships with our affinities, identities, and communities. Warning... you might enjoy yourself!

Get ready for Inner Equity.


December 1:

Susan Harper

“Happiness is the joy you feel when striving toward your potential.” Harper is on a journey that includes her work her music and her love of community. She will share her experiences and the practice she uses to tap into her potential.


December 15: Leslie Briner

One of the most powerful speakers from the first quarter of 2019 is returning to close out our program, with a valuable lesson birthed at a burning man event that has transcended into the default world, we call it “What About Option 3?”

Past Speakers from January - June 2019, use this link to watch their youtube videos


Heather Fantin: January 6

Heather brought to the stage, her INVITATION TO RISE, and inspired all of us to look past our fear and embrace the thoughts and beliefs that best serve us. She reminded us: Whatever you’re not changing, you are choosing!

Read about this beloved spiritual sherpa here.

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Eben Greene: January 20

Eben asked if our beliefs were asleep and opened our eyes to see that our values (what we choose to believe in) guide our decisions and actions on a daily basis. His goal is to support your inner light to shine bright.

He spends his work week running a creative cooperative in Fremont. Visit ShiftUp!

Rebecca Everly - February 3.jpg

Rebecca Everly: February 3

Rebecca (aka Cherry Divine) has a profound story to share about identity, secrets, truth and healing… one that ends happily, with a larger family than she ever dreamed possible.

Just proves that family can be those you choose AND those you’re born into.


Jeff Leisawitz: February 17

Jeff coaches powerful creatives to step into their hearts, dismantle their fears, declare their dreams and stop F*ing Around. He plans to bring some serious game to the stage this month at Love Church. F Yeah!

Learn more about this superstar on his website.

Noe Khalfa - February 17.jpg

Noé Khalfa: March 3

Noé is passionate about shifting the status quo so that anyone can make a living doing what they love. He will share his personal journey of what happens when you love yourself with the same fierce intensity you desire from someone else. He’s the co-founder of Worth The Journey.


Katie Duke: March 17

Katie knows how to free up energy by letting go of old emotional baggage using a powerful tool called Completion to get present and lighten up. She promises to guide us to get clear, remove barriers to love, and feel more empowered to move forward into a richer life. Duke Life Coaching for more information.


Elizabeth Desiree: April 7

Lizzie is passionate about bees and wants to share some of her wisdom and love for these remarkable tiny creatures who thrive in a hive mind. She plans to offer us a short meditation on bees, flowers, honey and LOVE while sharing fascinating facts about our role in their survival. See Lizzie’s artwork here.


Leslie Briner: April 17

Leslie believes we’ve outsourced our healing to a system that disempowers the individual and our own capacity to be healers of each other and the world. She’ll share new pathways to healing that’s different than the mainstream. Her POV was developed through decades of THIS work.

Henry_Real Talk May 5.jpg

Ryan Henry Ward: May 5

Henry was invited to the stage after this fb post: “Nothing has changed my life more than the conscious effort to love myself. The concept that feels so selfish at first, is what ends up giving me the ability to give abundantly to the universe.” Seattle’s most famous mural artist.


Zsaln & MC Piz:

May 19

The divine masculine meets the divine feminine… only who is who?

This town hall style presentation is designed to push past the traditional ideas of society based gender norms and embrace ALL of our shared humanity.


Dave Crellin: June 2

Dave asks the empowering questions to optimize your potential. Exploring risk in the midst of fear, he examines limiting beliefs to create a more vital playground in which to thrive. YESSS! He’s a world traveler with career highlights that include a circus troupe ringmaster!



Reverend verysheri is asking you to attend a free discussion about the pros and cons of Love Church thus far. With nearly half the year under our belt, what have we learned and what might we be missing?

Come enlighten us at our usual time of 3pm!

Love Church in the Park.gif

summer park pop-up

Love Church went outdoors this summer! 3rd Sunday in July (21st) and August (18th) we hosted a playful gathering at Greenlake.

Cafe Racer hosted gatherings resume September 15th with a rich fall program thru December.

~ reverend verysheri


Too many people are waiting for permission to show up. Maybe if there were more examples of individuals taking risks, being brave despite the fear, then we can harness that energy and raise the vibration of self-acceptance and empowerment, leading to more purposeful awareness and true change in the world. This is a gathering about belonging, creating a space where people feel more connected, to themselves, and others.

To unite individuals.

To build community.

To nurture positive self-affirmation.

To celebrate your inner weirdo.

To raise the vibration of joy and connection in your life.

More insights and updates on our facebook page.

What will your reason be?